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Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the laws, having become a curse for me for it is written “cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”, that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the gentiles in Christ Jesus, therefore I am not under the curse since Jesus has set me free.

Because I belong to Christ, I am Abraham's descendant and an heir, according to God's promise .I am an heir of God and joint heir with Christ Jesus .I have therefore come to inherit all the blessing of my forefather Abraham. I belong to the family of Abraham and all the blessings of Abraham belong to me.

I am empowered to prosper in the city and in the country.

I am empowered to prosper when I go out and when I come in, I prosper wherever I go. The fruit of my body (that is my children) are also empowered to prosper.

The Lord has empowered me to prosper in the work of my hands and in all that I wet my hands to do.

The Lord commands His blessings on my savings and on my investment. The Lord grants me plenty of Goods and I lend to many nations, but I shall not borrow.

The Lord causes the enemies that rise up against me to be defeated before my face. These enemies include confusion of mind, sicknesses, unfruitfulness or barrenness, family alienation, poverty, being accident prone and unnatural or untimely deaths.

Though they come at me from one direction, that is from satan, they flee before me in seven different directions.

The Lord has made me the head, and not the tail, I am above only and not beneath the circumstances of life.

No weapon fashioned against me shall proper and every tongue that rises up against me in judgment I condemn. This is the heritage of the servant of the Lord, and my vindication is from Jehovah.

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