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Core Groups


1 Osu – Ga Thursday   5:30pm
2 Essuekyir Sunday   5:30pm
3 Chantan Mkt Mon -Friday Last Stop Area (near the market) 5:00pm
4 T’di Amanful Friday ACIP Prep. Creche (Mkt. Circle)  
5 Kakumdo Thursday Meth Church 9:00pm
6 Israel Thursday New Faith Int. Sch.(Israel First Curve) 5:30pm
7 Adisadel Sunday Golden Trs. Sch. 5:30pm
8 Apowa (T’di) Sunday TUC Estate 6:30pm
9 Akradie Thursday A-Prim. Qtrs. 4:00pm
10 Abesim Wednesday Presbyterian School 5:00pm
11 Anomabo      
12 Wa Monday Park 6:00pm
13 Begoro      
14 Half Assini Sunday MethodistJ.H.S 6:00pm
15 Palladium Monday New Wave Church 7:00am
16 Mpraeso Sunday Mpraeso SHS 5:00pm
17 Bogoso Friday Methodist JHS 6:30pm
18 Oyarifa Sunday Presby School 5:00pm
19 Juaben Friday Anglican School 6:30pm
20 Apam Thurday Salvation Army 5:00pm
21 Agona Nkwenta Sunday AG. Church 3:00pm
22 Garu Saturday Agric Conference Hall 12:00pm
23 New T’di      
24 Kansawordo Thursday Ahenfie-T’di 6:30pm
25 New Abonkyiako Tuesday Community Centre- T’di 6:30pm
26 Aflao      
27 Tutu / Akwapem      
28 Obosomase      
29 Japekrom Friday Presby Primary School 5:00pm
30 Kpong Thursday Methodist Primary School 5:30pm
31 Akosombo Monday Presby J H S 7:00pm
32 University Farm Monday University Farm 7:00pm
33 Atimpoku Sunday Teacher Kyei School 4:00pm
34 Zesera Friday R/C School 4:00pm
35 Adiekoo Friday R/C School 4:00pm
36 Faamane Sunday R/C School 2:00pm
37 Asuogya Wednesday R/C School 9:00am
38 Sebrene Friday Presby Church 4:00am
39 Guarasua Sunday R/C School 2:00pm
40 Nsawkaw Thursday Pentecost Mission 6:00pm
41 Badu Sunday Pentecost School 6:00pm
42 Subinso Sunday R/C School 6:00pm
43 Chorkor Tuesday Obeweku 4:00pm
44 Point 6 Wednesday Mpuasseh 10:00am
45 La Community Sunday Auntie Vic’s Place 3:00pm
46 James Twon Wednesday Lighthouse Beach 9:00am
47 Amanase Thursday Old Presby Church 6:00pm
48 Gyankrom Sunday Methodist School 6:00pm
49 Afutu Friday Sakyi - Agyarkwa School 6:00pm
50 Zenu Sunday Obaatan School 7:00pm
51 Lartebiokoshie Friday Auntie Ceci Park 5:30pm
52 Gambibgo Saturday Gambibgo Primary School 5:30pm
53 Kasoa      
54 Community 1 Site 10 Wednesday Twediase Primary School 6:30pm
55 Akrade Thursday A Primary School 4:00pm
56 Lebanon Thursday Agape School 7:00pm
57 Sackey Thursday President Hse. near Lighthouse Chapel 6:30pm
59 Ho Thursday Police Depot 7:00pm
60 Hohoe Thursday Non Formal Education 7:00pm

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